Custom Design

Custom Designed Show for any Event

For any live shows, Product launch, Ads, special events, T.V serials, Films etc, anything related to Puppets, Muppets, Humanettes, Masks & animated objects, We can create a fantastic world of Puppetry which nobody has witnessed ever before. If you are looking for something unique & different with novel presentations for any given subject or show we will create an impossible world of Hi-tech Puppets for you.

Corporate Show for Siemens:

Ramdas Padhye performed an exclusive show for multinational company Siemens Ltd, where he designed puppets of 18 top executives in his "Puppet Studio" for the "Siemens Excellence Award Night" commemorating 50 Years of manufacturing in India.Before starting the work, marketing department of Siemens gave photos of all the executives.The puppets were designed keeping in mind the peculiar characteristics of each and every individual.A special wig-maker was appointed for this job to create the wigs of all the puppets.Also a costume designer designed the costumes for all the characters.The eye-balls of the characters were also custom made, keeping in mind the color of the eyes of every character.Such was the detailing that went into it.It took almost 3 months to design the puppets.


Ramdas Padhye and his team of 20 puppeteers operated the puppets.The show was attended by the Worldwide Board of Siemens Ltd.The theme of the show revolved around the board meeting of Siemens.The Worldwide CEO, Mr. Klaus Kleinfield, the head of 190 countries of Siemens Ltd, exclaimed that he had never seen such kind of show before and was really amazed to see the exact resembles of the puppets.


So WE CAN CREATE PUPPETS OF ANY PERSON ON EARTH!So if you have a concept and want to design a specific puppet of any individual, you can email us

Product Activation for Corporate Brands

Ramdas Padhye and his team have done Product Activation for several corporate brands like HP through the art of Puppetry. The Product Activation through the art of puppetry brings innovation and immediately catches the attention of the target audience. This activation for HP was done across 10 malls in India simultaneously with team of puppeteers performing at various malls.